The Silver Jar

"My own business bores me to death; I prefer other people's" – Oscar Wilde

A Messy Beginning

‘Beginnings are always messy’ – John Galsworthy.

Yes they are. If John only knew how many times I have reworked this opening sequence…although I do have a feeling he’s been there himself.

Beginnings are messy. Aspirational, sensational and witty. Three wonderful features I would love to tag all my beginnings as. The reality is that they’re demanding and quite often dissatisfying. I always test myself by creating many opening angles; poetic, clever, amusing. But now I’m stuck. Which do I choose? This one, I guess, is honest.

That’s what writing is for me, it’s options. I can direct and define my ideas and inspirations. I can indulge, overstate, embellish and exaggerate. I can create, connect and challenge myself. I can enjoy.

I enjoy reading, and I enjoy writing. Hopefully some people will enjoy reading my writing, my ramblings about nothing.


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