The Silver Jar

"My own business bores me to death; I prefer other people's" – Oscar Wilde

The Speak-Easy Way of Life

I was recently due to attend an event at the London Film Museum, or rather under it. Tickets were £60 but I managed to get them for £10. Cocktails, jazz … Continue reading

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Kickstart Again

I am ashamed to say that I have neglected my writing. I have started a new job where I write all day. So when I return home all bleary-eyed and … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Dystopia

One of the most disturbing pieces of fiction that I have ever come across is The Ones Who Walked Away From Omelas by Ursula Le Guin. As a Dystopian short … Continue reading

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“They weren’t true stories…They were better than that” – What you didn’t know about Fairytales

Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale – Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales have fascinated us for centuries. From Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimm Brothers to modern day Disney stories … Continue reading

September 21, 2012 · 2 Comments

Write It Down

I have been going through a huge transitional period in my life for the last few months. I have been applying for jobs in London, looking to kickstart my career … Continue reading

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Our Smelling Memories

Many forms of creative writing are drawn from the authors memories. Past experiences provide the perfect platform from which to create a powerful narrative. When somebody draws inspiration from a … Continue reading

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Summer Lovin’

One of the most memorable Summer’s of my entire life so far was spent at an American Summer Camp called Camp Miniwanca. Camp Miniwanca is situated in Western Michigan, right … Continue reading

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Inspiration for a Story

The creation of a story should come naturally to a creative person, should it not? As we all know, this is not always the case. Many writers will experience a … Continue reading

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The Power of Poetry

“A poet can survive everything but a misprint.”  Oscar Wilde You will come to notice, as I post more and more onto this blog, just how incredible I think Oscar … Continue reading

August 8, 2012 · 1 Comment

Words glorious Words

I am currently doing an online course in Copywriting with CTJT Distance Learning Courses. It has certainly been an educational process so far; not only learning how to write sales … Continue reading

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